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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fake Girls on Camzap

how to use splitcam
How to Use Fake Webcam On Camzap?
Camzap is a popular and global random chat area; so many girls are online. However so many fake girls/boys are online too.

They may coincide to you and it may be hard to know if that's fake or not.
Easily you can ask them to pick up their hands or wink or handle their hair etc to know if they are fake or not.

How To Use Fake Webcam
You can use any program but we offer Splitcam program, just go to and download it; run Splitcam program and enter

Click on the webcam panel on the camzap and allow splitcam program to work. After that go to splitcam  program settings and choose any video on your PC or locate it to any area on the PC from any internet website; for example on Youtube search webcam girls and select any one of them and allow splitcam program to show it for your webcam.

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